Where are you traveling in 2018?


i just got back from Charlotte, NC two weekends ago. i will be travelling to San Jose in June. and somewhere else… not sure where yet in december… i also plan on going to knoxville sometime this year…


You’ll love it! What states are you visiting?


Been 3 times before. it’s Queensland, Sunshine Coast. Really want to get out this U.K. weather asap!


I’m due to travel around my country between March and April. I’ll be going to 6 provinces so that makes it 12 flights. Possibly 4 more mid year, then another round of roadshows towards the end of the year. So, I possibly could do 32 fights by the end of the year. Other than that, I wish to visit Singapore also this year, solo.


Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur the summer, all confirmed and reserved.
I’ll be flying:
Iberia’s A319 from Porto to Madrid
Cathay Pacific’s B773 from Madrid to HK
Hovercraft from HKG to Macau and back
Scoot’s A320 from HK to Singapore
Air Asia’s A320/19 from Singapore to KL
Scoot’s A320/19 from KL to Singapore.
Scoot’s A320 from Singapore to HK
CP’s B773 back to Madrid
Iberia’s A319 from Madrid to Porto.

All these flights within 2 weeks in the summer.


Brazil in July for Summer


Off to NZ this time! Flying SIN-SYD-ZQN-CHC-MEL-SIN on Qantas. Gonna be my first time on the QF A380. Looking forward to this!


Well I beat you all.
I’m flying in my private 767-300 from Glasgow to JFK.

I wish


Minneapolis, Denver and Budapest (Hungary). Don’t know what aircraft yet…


I’m headed to the Caribbean (For the 5th time) and the Mediterranean. I am taking ANZ from KLAX to EGLL and BA From EGLL to LIRA, after that, I go on a 8-day Carnival cruise!


CLE-BWI-SJO and back via Southwest

CLE-LAS via Frontier

DEN-CLE via Frontier


EWR-IAH United

IAH-PVR United

PVR-EWR United

Leaving on Wednesday!


I will be leaving on KDEN - PVR/MMPR on Friday


KONT-KSEA in the last few days of this month


I have too many flights to count coming up. I fly like every month. I think I’m going to get United Premier Gold this year!


Maybe outside to go spotting and then back inside to finish my flight. I’m not sure. 🤷‍♂️


I hope it will be Oshkosh for me.


On May 12, I am flying from Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam on a KLM A330-300, then from there on a Delta 777-200LR to Atlanta, and then a Delta 737-900ER from there to Tucson. At the end of July, I am flying to Panama city, Panama


Going to Birmingham in a few months


I’m going to London in two weeks