Where are you traveling in 2018?


I’ll be going JFK - Havana on an A320 soon


Ohnana! I left my heart…”


Well, Im happy that Norwegian came to Argentina. We now can fly to Europe without spending too much, so may be UK and Miami for this year 😊


I’m flying with British Airways from London to Athens on the 767. Which is nice because I think they’re being retired this year.


I’m flying to PHX in the end of March.


Going to Tampa in a few weeks. Although I’m driving to make a few stops along the way. There is a possible spotting session at KATL.


I’m going to Vegas in the Summer in Allegiant Air.


I’m booked for ATL-AMS-MXP-ZRH-CDG on the KLM 777-200, 737-700, and Swiss CS100 and CS300 in two weeks from now! It’s gonna be an exhausting 18 hours of flying! :)


have a safe flight there


Myrtle Beach, SC in July (Spirit)
Atlanta, GA in October (Delta)
Salt Lake City in August (American)

*Squeezing in a trip or two to Cancun (American)


You didn’t book already, did you? Lol.


I might slap a Delta logo on my new truck when I go pick it up and “fly” down via I-95 lol



Fingers crossed it might be September this time. The balmy warmth of the south is much needed.


Either IAH-VNKT via Doha on Qatar or DFW-VNKT via Dubai on Emirates around April


Enjoy my country Israel


Here is an update from my previous list:
Caribbean (cruise) (March)
Israel (tour group) (June)
Dayton, Ohio (July)
Simi Valley, California (July-August)


Booked my flights to Hawaii yesterday, so excited! 🏝

I’ve already been to Tasmania and will probably travel to Melbourne or Brisbane later in the year also.


The trip Down Under has just been booked! Going to be fabulous with the lovely stop at Singapore in the middle. Haven’t been on a commercial plane for over a year, can’t wait!


Going Seattle in May, going 1st Class with Alaska!
Then September going back to Iceland from Alaska!


Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, San Diego, Cataliba Island, Mexico, Miami… so far!