Where are you traveling in 2018?


Not sure I’ve If I already posted


Possibly October:


I’m still on a trip, so I’m not quite home yet. We’re flying Punta Arenas-Santiago in a few days, then Santiago-Houston a day or two later. Sometime later this year (either spring break or summer, I forgot), we’re flying Houston-Honolulu on a 772.


While you guys are goin everywhere, I’m just goin from KDSM-KORD-KDCA lol


Hopefully traveling to Thailand in April. Probably on Emirates or Thai Air so most likely an A380 hopefully.

Over the summer I’m flying to Cyprus or another Greek island most likely on EasyJet and the 320.

Both from London


Thais A380 is very Nice! Aim for one of the window seats, lots of space between the seat and wall. Never slept this well on an airplane before


I’ll be headed to Iceland from Denver. I can’t wait to fly Icelandair’s 757!


Just confirmed: heading to LA in March. If anyone has suggestions of things to do there, PM them to me. I’ll definitely be doing some spotting at KLAX though.


I’ll take some suggestions too, going with my family in July


Thanks for the tip. I always go for window regardless for the views. Would you say Thai A380 is nicer than Emirates. Been on the Emirates A380 a couple of times and find it very nice compared to European carriers


There is an In and Out near LAX. It has some of the greatest views of 24 L & R landings.


Looking into flights as i write this from BWI to the Faroe Islands for our wedding anniversary later in the summer…but before that already booked is a trip to Disney World (Orlando) with the kids, Madison, Wisconsin for work and Portland, Maine to visit family.


im flying internatinoal and natianiol from kdfw


I’m going to London and Paris for my birthday in March. Very exciting as it’s my first time crossing the pond and also first time out of the continent.

LAX-LHR | Boeing 787-9 Virgin Atlantic

CDG-LAX | Airbus A380 AirFrance


Very nice! You won’t be dissatisfied with Virgin.


I think I may be going to Dubai in April! 😄


I am going to Faro airport in Portugal from Leeds Bradford on jet2 it will probably be a 757-200 doing the route.


Im flying to Dominican Republic and Mexico from Manchester!


Perth (YPPH) - Singapore (WSSS)

YPPH - YSSY (stop over) to Cairns


Im flying on british airways A320 from Helsinki to London heatrow in february.


Just booked ISP-FLL for April. I’ll be taking a 737-800 down, and a 737-700 back up. On Southwest of course!