Where are you traveling in 2018?


Maybe to Melbourne on a 737 or just a cruise


I don’t have any flights planned as of yet but I will be headed to Vermont in less than a month traveling by motor coach. And then in February I have a road trip to Boston planned with one of my closest friends I haven’t seen in 2.5 years.


since i got my ppl ill be flying all around florida !

but commercially, turks and caicos and LA.


This isn’t really in 2018 but I’m flying to the French Alps to go skiing in about a week. After that I’m flying to Barcelona in February. In August I’m flying to Corfu!


Doing BLL-AMS-ATL and back by my self in march, then doing HAM-LHR-ATL-LAS-LAX-LHR-HAM with my family over the summer and finally CPH-Malaga with some friends in the fall. Going to be a great year!


Well, in 3 days I will embark on a 22 hour journey from FLKK to KMSY. So, that’ll be a treat.


Next july flying from TGPY to CYYZ. Aircanda rouge A319. Summer vacation.


Usual Doha and possibly somewhere else


Looking at taking an American fly drive trip next October

London to Seattle on a Norwegian 787
Drive down to Los Angeles then
Los Angeles to London on BA A380


Places that I WILL go in 2018
• Praia (RAI/GVNP)
• Honolulu (HNL/PHNL)
• Tokyo (Don’t know what airport yet)


2018 seems very busy:

  • Dubai(A night during transit from NBO-VIE)

  • Paris

  • Amsterdam(likely)

  • Vienna

  • Graz(road or rail to/from Vienna)

  • Brussels

  • Zürich(likely)(Long layover of either GRZ-BRU or VIE-BRU)

  • Frankfurt and Munich(likely)(road trip from Graz to Brussels)

  • Mombasa


I’m traveling to in 2018:

All from Mallorca

  • Barcelona Air Europa (B737-800 or E195) and back

  • Rome (Don’t know airline or plane) and back


Interesting! Seems as if the E195 is a rare aircraft compared the to E190. I hear it’s because the pilots who fly them demand mainline salaries do to its size.


My flights I have booked for 2017 are (all United)


I’m traveling to Orlando and then to New York for the moment from Panama City


I’m flying to the following places:
much much more


I’m leaving to go to ADL right now


I consider myself lucky in the fact that I fly to and from work. CYYC-CYEG, on a B737 and a Dash 8.

I will also be flying to YSSY sometime next year on Air Canada’s B789


I’ve been to Montreal nice city


Right now, nothing official. But my plans are to Moscow, Croatia, Budapest, Kefalonia, Zakynthos and Corfu as always.