Where are you traveling in 2018?


Europe in 11 days! Trip report will be coming! (Will be in Frankfurt on the 1st so it counts for 2018., as well as Brussels and Bruges, Belgium, and Amsterdam.

Iceland in April

D.C. for 5 weeks over the summer

London in November

Maybe DLVACon? 😏


Maybe @LaroseRoyce will DJ for you on your plane lol


Come see me in early July at Kalamatas Greece lol


I’m planning to visit Tokyo end of next year, either flying with Singapore Airlines B77W/A359 or All Nippon Airways B789s from Singapore :) Will start to plan later next year. (I’m still a student so can’t be going overseas every month)


I want to see some Polaris Reviews! 😎


Well… I can already give you one! I went to Tokyo Narita just a few months ago and left outta Osaka. The food is incredible and the Sax Fifth Avenue covers are OUTTA THIS WORLD! Literally they are like 3 inches thick and feel like genuine bedsheets! They’re so soft I could sleep with them at home!


Next time snap some pictures! Which airport did you fly out of? I think ORD is the only hub to currently have the updated Polaris Lounge.


Oh Im going in June, would’ve been cool if it was the same days


Going to Beijing on a school trip in April.


The Polaris lounge is still coming. Actual seats won’t be for a while.


I’ll be flying to Panama in May and possibly to New York in November, if the airlines don’t raise the prices.


Aren’t the new seats already on the newly delivered 777-300’s? I think some 763’s have that new config as well.


Nope! Don’t believe so 😀


Well here’s my long hauls and this may be straying off topic as some of these were this year or last year:


Where am I traveling with my Student Loan paying/Sophmore year/Student Pilot self? The corner and back!


I’m visiting Frankfurt (maybe), Berlin, Prague, Munich, Vaduz, Lucerne, and Zurich this summer. Likely flying KORD-EDDF (possibly KORD-EGLL-EDDT) on the way there and LSZH-KORD on the way back


I’ll be doing my first two wide body flights, one is KIAH-SCEL (Houston-Santiago) and back, then the other will be from Houston to Honolulu.


True, I live in Denver and own a cabin in Granby, CO. Can’t beat the views.



Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi International - Singapore Changi on January 13th or January 14th, 2018

Scoot A320 (mostly)

My first flight in 4 years! So hyped!


Hey I was in Granby yesterday and last weekend. Small world.

I currently have three trips up to Seattle planned, and thats all. Now that Australia isn’t happening, no long hauls either ;(