Where are you traveling in 2018?


Post here where you are traveling to in 2018! Im flying to Denver from DFW on A321s. Happy Holidays!

Where are you going to be traveling? [2019 Edition]

Phoenix is locked down.
Gonna go somewhere after school gets out.
Somewhere in Europe in the fall.


Perhaps the UK. We the best!!! (Song Reference)


Hopefully Vietnam (doubt it though). But definitely America for the 8th time.


gonna be traveling a bit over the summer, im definitely going JFK-ICN-MNL-CEB
I may also do EWR-CDG or LHR, depends where I wanna go.


I already know I’m headed from KHPN-KATL-MMPR and back. That’s Westchester County, a stopover in Atlanta, and a final stop in Puerto Vallarta.
I’m also predicting to go to Naples via KRSW and Jacksonville via KJAX.
I’m also headed to Boston, but I’m not sure if I will be flying.
Finally, I might go to Washington D.C. - KLGA-KDCA


ISP-ATL sometime in the Spring on Frontier is most likely
Not sure where else, but definitely hoping to fly more!


I’m going to:

  • San Diego/KSAN

  • Reykjavik/BIKF

  • Athens/LGAV

  • Washington D.C (school trip so I don’t know if we’re flying to DCA or IAD

  • Newark/KEWR (passing through)

  • Denver/KDEN (passing through)


I’m going to Pittsburgh in August! My first flight in 3 years:-D


Warbird Weekend 2018, yo!

Just waiting on the dates…


(Not booked yet but will be booked very soon)
I will be travelling to Kilimanjaro via Dubai:
London - DXB then DXB - Kilimanjaro (Emirates, FlyDubai)
Tanzania - DXB then DXB - London (FlyDubai, Emirates)


While you’re there you gotta catch a Steelers pre-season game!


Sadly no flights planned for 2018… 😢 Maybe a cruise though for thanksgiving


Flying to LAX from SEA. Not that cool because we do it three times a year for my parents work :/


Ams-Ist-Dub-Ist-Ams in 2 weeks


Flights in 2018:


  • Phoenix (January 2018)

  • Israel (June 2018)


  • Ireland (July-August 2018)

  • Italy/Greece (July-August 2018)

  • California (July-August 2018)

  • Florida (August 2018)

I will add more when more trips are planned.


I’m probably going to Europe next summer


Kord-ksea in a 737-800 in May.


It’s highly likely that I’ll visit Surabaya next June, with Batik Air Indonesia


Cool! Im going to! What days are you going?