Where are you from?

Hi everybody,

I just wanted to spice things up around here with a new topic for you to get your heads into. Basically, my question to you all is, where are you from? I will make the post a Wiki so the other Regulars can contribute by entering the TL1 and TL2 users’ submissions. Feel free to comment where you are from (continent, city) in the thread below, and you’ll see your name up here in no time.

Regulars, please don’t individually tag (@) the other members as you are only allowed 10 tags per post, and it’s only fair if everyone’s equal ;) Just type their usernames out how they are written, but without the “@.”

I am from… (A-Z)


South Africa -jdag2004


Hong Kong - THOMAS2046
Iran Lamborghini_Life, AsianaIFVA
Israel - liad747
India - A330fan, B747fan, samuel_48
Indonesia - SingaporeAirlines, Ninetales
Philippines - Kyle.Plane
Shanghai - GordenW
Singapore - sniperguy135, kohanson, Yunkeru


Albania - Dan_Lleshi
Austria - Jordy
Croatia - Bare
Denmark - Emil
England - ewanfleming, Ollie, John_Ryan, Cpt.TC, SirBinary, Cameronrenwick
Finland - The_Greatest_Basket
France - Neeson52, Cpt_FITZGERALD
Germany - Overspeed, Xpheros, Aviationluver
Greece - JV69
Ireland - Michael, Daz15, JGK00
Netherlands - azeeuwnl, Samet_Ozturk
Norway - Andre_Solgren_Nilsen
Poland - KaptitanBrozy
Romania - JAEGER
Russia - Artem_Krause, Alex2405, Oleg_Shemyakov
Scotland - Thomas_Ralph, GoofierLeek, Darth_Sidious
Slovakia - miko99x
Spain - Felip_Garcia
Switzerland - Adrien, Silu_Ott

North America:

Canada - FlyTheFlag, MacGamer04
_U.S.A - Bobby, Pilotmaster2129, Nathan, r3life, Bfinley1255, GBIRD, Cpt_Chris, Mad_Dog, Infiniteflight_Delta, Stmaarten1778, Lx_D, 787-fan, AggieAirlines, AVIONICS, Clouds, Captain_Matt


Adelaide - CaptainDoomBox, Domenico
Brisbane - Darren_QFA0333, Panther
Perth -
Sydney - bensonb, Colaboy9, Fynn, Massimo_Murgida, Captain_Ed
Melbourne -

New Zealand:

Auckland - Matthew_Harrison

Central America:

Panama -brunocr98

South America:

Chile -nicochile2
Colombia - Flying-J
Rio de Janeiro - Brecht


Sunny South Africa, Johannesburg to be perticular.


Make it a wiki please.


Sorry, forgot to do that ;)

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I am from Sydney, Australia too :)

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I am from England!
Too much rain here

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Sydney Australia mate


I’m from Shanghai, but I live in Sydney

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Which one would you like? ;)


The first one I mentioned.

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I’m from FRANCE !!! , but i live in Hong Kong !

Really interesting to see how this is turning out! Quite a diverse Community we have here ;)


I am from the small country Norway in the northern part of Europe. 🇳🇴 I live near Oslo.


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I am from Hong Kong. The Asia’s world city!!!


From Vancouver, Canada’s port to Asia.

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From India Exported to Kuwait to Study.
(See what I did there!)


Australia, Adelaide.

I’m from Scotland! the best country 😅

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While you submit to this one, it is not too late to contribute to the poll…

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Netherlands - ZH

Not too far from EHRD

(ZH means Zuid Holland which is the province)

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