Where are we from?

Hi everyone.
Since today I have been wondering where the majority of the infinite flight community come from. Now I am not asking for addresses or something. I just wanna know if most people are American, European , etc. I mean almost everyone speaks English so I assume we come from place like NA, Australia or Uk

Partly Russian live in England 😃

I’m having a sudden deja-vu feeling about this subject. Did you search before open?


We all come from different walks of life, beliefs, countries and nationalities. We mainly speak English but there is a French and Spanish area where those fluent in those languages can interact and post.

From the States!

From earth - Europe

I am just looking for Greek users. Plz dont judge

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What do you mean?

I am Greek!!!

Are you. Say something

And plz dont use Google translate

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I’m not judging. In fact I think different nationalities are very interesting and i look forward to exploring the world and experiencing all different cultures in the future.

I hardly speak it I’m not from greece.


Live in the UAE, learning Danish and Spanish. And trying to learn Arabic but its 🤔

And proud of it😏

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It doesn’t matter. U probably have a Greek connection and I respect that

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I like this idea, getting to know the community a bit more!
To answer the question, I am Canadian. I speak a small amount of French-Canadian, but I’m a fluent English speaker.

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I’m just ya average Aussie from Aussieland.

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My dad is 100% greek. I’m using Rosetta Stone to become fluent!

Funny. I really dont wanna answer it myself but I live in England, speak fluent Greek, Chinese and am learning Spanish. My life is really weird.

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