Where are the v-speeds in SimBrief?

As fpltoif.com is down for me, I made a flightplan with SimBrief, and I found every data I need, besides the v-speeds. Could someone show me where to find those in the report?

Don’t know my friend , sorry hopefully someone will help

I am not 100% sure but believe they are present when selecting the JetBlue format for the OPF. Not sure though, so someone else might well be able to confirm!

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Does somebody know if fpltoif.com shows the v-speeds for the A359? I could have found the spot of the v-speeds but it says could not find data of aircraft, so I wanted to check if that’s something different or the actual spot

Should be on the right side, as Julius said, it’s under “JBU” or JetBlue.

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Did that, but do you know the answer for

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Yea, every aircraft in IF I believe displays the V-Speeds. I’ve done the A359 before and it worked.

Really? I am pretty sure it didn’t show some for me, but this could have been due to my weight or sth

Okay so I made a flightplan with the A320, an aircraft that has its v speeds displayed on fpltoif.com for sure, but I still can’t find the v-speeds (I use JBU). Could somebody try to make a random flightplan and see if he can find the v speeds?

Ok so fpltoif.com works again for me, and the v-speeds are really not available.

If anyone knows where I can find the v-speeds I would be very thankful, as I can’t find those in the A320 flightplan

Edit: found them!

They are pretty much at the end! I included a picture in case anyone else is looking for them:

Thanks for helping @JulianB @Kamryn


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