Where Are the new planes?

So if I’m not mistaken, the devs said that they were adding, I believe, 7 new planes to infinite flight, yet I have not seen a new aircraft yet. Does anyone know the status on these planes, or if they’re even releasing them.

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Where did you see this? I’ve never heard a figure of 7 come from any one of the developers.

To my knowledge, we are getting a few new planes this year at the most, but I’m not entirely sure.

Any announcement about new aircraft will be posted on official social media platforms as well as here, in #announcements.


They said 3 , and also they coming before this year ends or at least try to push em before this year ends

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That’s what I thought as well.


7’s a good number. JACKPOT!


3 aircraft are in the works as @MrMrMan. Nothing much more we can add other than what he’s already said. Stay tuned to the announcements category.

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