Where Are Purchases Stored?

I currently have an Android tablet, but there MAY be a possibility of me getting an iPad around Christmas time. I’ve already made a few purchases in the app, so I don’t want to lose them. My question is does anyone knows if my purchases are stored on my tablet, or in the cloud? Meaning if I get a iPad, can my purchases be restores via sign-in?

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Purchases cannot be transferred from Apple to Android or vice versa.


Ok. Thanks for your feedback.

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However a live subscription can be accessed on another platform with the same login details.

A live+ member can still fly the given planes and region on another platform as long as live+ is still active.


If I am not mistaken, if you log in to a Google account in IF, and buy Live though that, then you can access it on another device, as long as you log in to that same google account, because it is a subscription that is attached to that account. However, your purchases other than live subscriptions - aircraft and regions separately - will not be able to transfer from Android to Apple, because those are purchased made to the single devise, not an account.
If you were transferring from an Apple device to another Apple device, through the same Apple ID, everything should be saved because of the Apple ID account.
Anyone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that’s how it works.

This is correct. Subscriptions transfer as long as same login is used but aircraft and regions do not transfer. so if you have live+ then you should have everything unlocked if you just have live you will have to purchase everything again


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