Where are my planes?

So you may be wondering by the title on what problem I have… Well I used to have Live+ but that expired 2 months ago, but even before I got Live+ or just Live, I bought a lot of planes by themselves. I can’t remember if I deleted the app, because I have it right now. But I’m pretty sure that I’m using the same email as I was using this whole time.


Could you give us more inforation about the device, IF Version e.t.c? May be try to restart your device? Is your device rooted/Jailbroken?


Have you tried the “Restore purchases”-button? (Depending on device though, which do you use?)
If the app is downloaded via Play store/App store, your in-app purchases should be there.


I use an iPhone 7+. The version of Infinite Flight that I am using right now is the current one; 16. 13.0

Yes, I’ve tried the “Restore Purchases” button. -That still does not work though. I use the App Store.

Did you buy the planes on an android device or while using a different Apple ID?

What does it say on the button in the right bottom corner if you select a plane you’ve bought previously to purchasing Live+ then? “Download”, “Purchase xx” or “Ok”?

It shows the price for me.

I’ve been using the same Apple ID, and yes I use Apple.

If you’re 100% sure that you’re using the same Apple-ID now, as you did when you purchased the aircrafts before, you can press “Purchase” and download them again without being charged. IAP’s are handled by Apple, so there’s nothing FDS can do in this case.

But, if i were you… i would log on to my Apple-ID and check the purchase history just be sure that’s the case.


Should I delete the app, then re-install it?

You can absolutely try! It won’t make things worse :)

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Yeah… nothing’s changed

Then if you’re 100% sure you bought them before, do it again. You won’t be charged again if you did. But as i wrote earlier… if i were you i’d logon and check the purchase history for the Apple-ID just to be sure.

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Okay so update; So I logged out of the Apple ID that I was just using and I tried another Apple ID of mine that is familiar to me. After I signed into this Apple ID, I opened Infinite Flight and I pressed the “Restore Purchases” button then it said something like “Cannot restore purchase. Apple ID has to be the same Apple ID for when this app was purchased”. When I press “Restore Purchases” with the regular Apple ID that I usually use then it will do nothing at all. By the way, how do you check your Purchase History?

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Sounds like you should use the Apple-ID you did before.

To see your purchase history:


You can look at your purchase history on a Mac/PC in iTunes

See support article: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204088

I can also suggest going to your email searching emails from Apple including “Infinte Flight” in the body so that only Infinite Flight related purchases come up. You get a receipt emailed after every purchase.

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Lol too slow on the response


It’s simple! If you’re 100% sure you made those purchases, simply find the receipts in your email and contact Apple Support at 1-800-MY-APPLE and they’ll gladly fix the issue for you. Don’t worry, they’ll still be able to find the purchases even if you don’t have the receipts. If Apple says you didn’t make those purchases, then it’s simple, you didn’t make those purchases!


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That only works from the US, remember that ;)

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