Where are 3D buildings in IF?

I’ve read a lot of posts where they say that there are 3D buildings at certain airports in IF. What are those airports. Please tell me the ICAO code of the airports. Ex: KLAX

Those people are currently lying to you there are no 3D buildings


There are no indications of any 3D buildings in-game yet. Many airports have 2D “buildings” (terminals) however which are just drawn taxiways.


Currently, there are no 3D buildings in the game right now, and it will most likely not come in the near future.

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Look at the post called 3D trees

You can vote for them here!


It says on the bottom of the post

The post called 3D trees is a feature request, where members can vote and request for things they want to be added into the game.

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But they say that there are no 3D buildings except for a tiny airport.

He’s talking about FSX in the request

Again, there are no 3D buildings in-game and there has been no hints at it by the developers either. The image used in the 3D Trees topic is from another simulator. The original poster made this very clear:

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Sorry, thought it was true.


Sorry, you were misinformed. There are requests that can be voted on in #features.