Where and when should I hold my next event

Hello IFC,

I am starting to think about planning my next fly-out/fly-in event and I would like you, the community to decide which airport it will be held at. This thread will be updated each day with a new poll

Part 1 - Which Continent?

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Oceania

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Part 2: Which Country?

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Fiji
  • Tahiti
  • Cook Islands

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Poll 3: Which Airport:

  • YSSY
  • YMML
  • YBCS
  • YPAD
  • YPDN
  • YBBN
  • YPPH

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Part 4-1: Which day?

  • Saturday 25th May
  • Saturday 1st June
  • Saturday 8th June
  • Saturday 15th June

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Part 4-2: What time?

  • 1800Z
  • 1900Z
  • 2000Z
  • 2100Z
  • 2200Z

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UPDATE: 22nd April @ 1040Z

Oceania is currently the leading continent with 50% of the votes!

UPDATE: 22nd April @ 2040Z

Oceania is currently still the leading continent with 35% of the votes!

UPDATE: 23rd April @ 0900Z

Oceania won the continent vote with 30% of the vote. Now it is time to choose which country this event will be held in!

In the original post there is now a poll stating which country you would like.

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Ok…sorry for the delay…I have been caught up with school

UPDATE: 24th April @ 1925Z

There is currently a DRAW between Australia, New Zealandand Fiji, all with 2 votes.

I took this result to a randomiser and the winner is:


The next part is Which Airport? - In the original post there is a new poll stating the airports on offer.

Let’s have some more people vote this time!

LETS HAVE SOME MORE PEOPLE voting on this latest poll.

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UPDATE: 25th April @ 0530Z

YSSY is currently in the lead with 50% of the total votes. Lets have some more votes come in for the next 15 hours.

UPDATE: 25th April @ 0835Z

YSSY is currently still in the lead with 63% of the total votes. You have 12 hours left to vote on which airport you would like.

UPDATE: 25th April @ 1950Z

YSSY is still in the lead with 60% of the vote. The airport poll closes in 30 MINUTES - get your vote in while you can.

UPDATE: 25th April @ 2030Z

The airport poll is closed and the winner was YSSY with 59% of the votes. The next stages is What Date? and What Time?

In the original post there is now a couple of new polls. One lets you decide which day and the other lets you decide the time (in ZULU) that you would like the event to be at.

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