Where am I?

iPad Pro 2nd Gen:
Operating system iOS 16.2:
Expert Server
When: Now and over last 2hrs.
Callsign: Speedbird 006BA

So Im having a weird experience in a group flight. Which sums up the general state of server issues at the moment.

Below is a picture of the map on my iPad. Im in white, 3 people flying behind me are with me.

Below is Live Flight. Apparently Im a lone wolf much further behind.

Interestingly the people Im flying with report that they cannot see me on the map right now. Im connected to the server and I see them.

Then occasionally they will disappear from my map and then they can see me again.

Something similar I think happened to @DeerCrusher the other day didnt you say?

If this is on the Expert Server, it is being worked on as we have made you aware over the past few days (both here and on IFATC):

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I dont recall this particular issue being discussed in IFATC. But, great!

There I was thinking more data and feedback of issues would help you.

Yes, as mentioned in that thread, we asked for reports to be made on that Expert Server Upgrade thread, with the timestamp and callsign of your flight. This topic didn’t even mention what server it happened on, so unfortunately there isn’t much to go by here.

Sorry it wasnt info in the new support thread template, but Ive added those for you now and I guess you can close the thread or I can repost it to your desired thread.

It also makes your initial hostility weird to assume it was ES, then say I dont say which server it is.


Thanks for that. No hostility on my part, so my apologies if that is how you interpreted it.

I would however please ask you for some patience… I know these issues are incredibly frustrating. We’re (literally) working around the clock to understand and fix them for good, as we’ve told you in IFATC multiple times.


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