When's the best time to fly?

I don’t mean when you wake up, mid-day, or sleep, I’m talking in the simulator!

Is it sunrise, noon, sunset, night, or anything in between?

Personally, I like sunrises, because they look sick on departure and It’ll be morning by the time I land!

How about you?

When’s the best time to fly?


Personally, I love flying in sunrises and sunsets! Especially if there is snow capped mountains, those will make for some beautiful photos!


Noon because otherwise I can’t see anything.


Same here lol

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Especially then! It looks stunning and golden!

I see, literally! 😂


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I usually try to always land by sunset or sunrise. Cause its beautiful to fly during those times

thats not what he meant. He’s asking what times do u put in IF when ur flying, for example noon, sunrise…

Personally it doesn’t really matter too me as long as I’m able to see so night isn’t that good at least for me…

Sunsets and sunrises are the best imo. You get a nice purple/pink sky and the plane get that golden shine from the sun which looks cool.

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Daytime/sunrise/sunset for taxi and night for departure (that is if the real time is dark)

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I love 7 hour eastbound overnighters, depart with a sunset, land with a sunrise!

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Sunrise/sunset because of

M O O N S H O T S and N Y O O M.

They will make great pics.

I can’t agree more!

Let’s at cruise, what would you do?

I must agree. My S&V topics are literally blessed with sunsets and sunrises.

Look’s like the sun’s presence is a popular theme!


Only S&V posters will relate. 😏



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