When you're told to expedite, do so!

Please, if you’re told to expedite the runway when landing please do so! So many people are going around because people can’t exit fast enough which doesn’t give enough time for the other person to takeoff.
Everyone has to do their part. It’s not the controller which holds all responsability, pilots also have to help ATC operate efficiently.
Thank you


I’m not a member of IFATC, but this is something that I’m sure makes them mad.


Unfortunately I believe lots of people don’t even know what the word expedite means. It’s unfortunate, really. We try our best to control each and every day. We can’t expect everyone to know what it means. I wish that each and every person did exactly what I asked them to do. It doesn’t work like that. Valid point though.


And then they complain about going around…

Yes, I can’t stand it when I tell aircraft to expedite and they slow to 10kts to get off the runway. So yes, please expedite when you’re told to do so :)

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If there aren’t any high speed exits, 10 knots is perfectly acceptable, if turning off at 10 knots versus 20 makes, or breaks the situation, I think the landing traffic should be going around anyways…


@jet_centric take for example, Heathrow, today. had 10 aircraft in line for 27L and every 5nm an aircraft was landing. As soon as the arriving aircraft touches down, I tell the next aircraft to line up. Then I proceed to tell the aircraft to expedite a runway exit, so that I have enough time to get the next aircraft out without causing a Go-around. If the arriving arriving aircraft slows down to 10kts to get off the runway every time, then Heathrow would be standstill with no possible way to get departues out.


Sure, if they make the high speeds, but if it’s a 90° turnoff then they are slowing to 10 knots to make the turn.
Now I agree that they shouldn’t hang out on the runway, but you got to expect that every plane landing will be slow to exit, and be pleasantly surprised if they exit quickly. I can’t see this getting much better until IFATC can assign landing traffic specific taxiways


This may be out of context, but since EGLL is featured today and tomorrow, this chart below may help.

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Aside from that, I’d say it is best for all of us to help each other.

  1. Yes, you can slow down till 10-15 knots if there is 90° turnoff, but only slowdown when you are about to exit, not jam the breaks all the way while the exit is still far away.

  2. Let’s admit, both pilots and IFATC do not want to experience go arounds, yet after 4-5nm of spacing, sometimes we still see pilots coming in at 200kts on final 4nm out even though they are told to slow down. It does not help pilots and pilots may be instructed to GA if there is aircraft on the runway.


I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with your second point there. A lot of the problem will be a combination of poor ATC skills (i.e. not enough spacing in between arrivals to allow for adequate exiting) and poor piloting skills (braking early for their intended exit and not adapting and taking an earlier one).
There is not going to be a simple fix for this issue - a lot of it is going to be in the long term if/when the education side of Infinite Flight improves.

Come to think of it, it would be good to see Tyler Shelton produce a more specific tutorial on runway vacating and the related ATC messages.

I totally agree. But you have to understand that with about 40-50 arrivals every 20 minutes, it is impossible to land all aircraft on one runway. Even EGLL IRL is not that busy

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I am indeed aware of this and do agree with you. I still think it would be interesting to see it attempted though…
I wonder if it would be easier to ‘stack’ aircraft there now that we have implementation of STARs? Keeping numerous aircraft in holds over Ockham, Biggin Hill, Lambourne and Bovingdon would almost certainly help the situation both in the air and on the ground.


yes, it would be a great test, but not something to do when EGLL is the hub. pressure on the approach controllers would be beyond what some are capable of.

Agreed. Now that is definitely true! Possibly beyond what the Infinite Flight ATC system is actually capable of too…?


I don’t know. It is really dependent on how committed IFATC radar controllers would be at making aircraft hold at similar points, while also maintaining a safe distance.

Great that you finally get the hang of it @A_Hippopotamus

As mentioned, comfortable spacing is luxury when it comes to HUB airports. The IFATC team are trying their best as well to get everyone down safely and in the most efficient manner :)

EDIT: There is the flying guide in terms of exit runway. Link is here :)

Oh My Goodness.
I thought I was the only just getting unlucky but three times I had to go around at KDEN due to aircraft seeming like they were trying to use the whole rwy before expediting.

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Sorry my friend, you’ve lost me… Got the hang of what?

You’re correct in saying spacing at hubs can prove hard to find. However, my response to that would be that controllers should be focussed primarily on safety, not on the sheer numbers of aircraft that land. Not that I’m aware I’m simplifying this and I’m not a controller myself so don’t know exactly how easy the system is to operate.
However, I do fly in the real world (perhaps you do too, I’m not going to make assumptions either way) and I can tell you from experience that if there is not enough space for you to land, you will be made to wait. Simple as that.

As for the tutorial, it doesn’t appear to refer to any form of runway vacating. Perhaps I just missed it.

I’m landing really soon. I’ll put in a go around counter! 0
BRUH there is a Ryanair plane at Heathrow.

Sorry I am a bit messed up here.

I understand your concern of safety, so the key here is safety first then followed by efficiency. I am not too sure of the holding pattern part, an IFATC officer may be more suited on explain that.

Nobody likes holding pattern though, so as much as possible the team is trying to get all airplanes land as soon as possible while maintaining the appropriate spacing.

Imagine when you have 40 inbounds in 20 minutes, that’s really not easy to manage. Not helping if a few pilots out there are not listening to instructions :)

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