When your plane refuse to travel abroad

Just another flight from Tokyo to San Jose on TS. I said just follow the SID, my plane disagreed.

Edit(since many people are asking): The screenshot was taken on Foreflight EFB. Mobile version is available on ios only and it’s not free. It’s mainly for real life flights but also works for certain simulators.

End up circling around Tokyo for 20 minutes before heading out to the Pacific Ocean.

Landed safely at SJC nine hours later.


To be honest you were probably going too fast, simple solution, but it can definitely be interesting when this happens. I think we’ve all had a time we did a long haul only to find out that your flight from Pittsburgh to London never made it past up state New York… 😂

Or is that only me? 😂


I did that once trying to simulate a Hawaiian A330 flight from PHNL-KJFK on ES. I was so short it was embarrassing. During a flyout too.

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Oh. My. God. I’ve had to come in to my KJFK-EGLL flight because I noticed, that after two hours, my plane kept trying to activate a leg that it couldn’t turn onto. Guess no flight for me :( now every time I have to check to make sure that all the legs are being followed, and have to skip some just in case. Sucks.

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Yea, that’s a rip, the worst is when your at school or something, and you see the plane circling on Live Flight, powerless to stop it… 😂


Okay never had that bad of an issue, but that sounds MISERABLE.

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Yeah I know why it happened. I didn’t know it until I landed and check the track log. I was using 280/.80 to climb, just didn’t realize it’ll turn this late and this far. But it’s still fun to see how the AP is trying to correct itself and failed.

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What tracker app is that?

I’ll skip a waypoint at a sharp turn if it’s less than 5nm from the one before. But apparently in this case, even 10 is not enough for 280kts.

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Well, monitor your aircraft (at least during departure and approach) and go manual if things go wrong is always helping. Thanks for sharing your story though.

Ouch, that’s why I don’t fly long hauls, 5hrs at the max

What happened there? 😂 I have never had this happen to me but I’ve heard and seen it.

Well the AP in most aircrafts tend to make the turn too late, it makes waypoints at turns(especially sharp turns) looks like fly-over waypoints instead of fly-by waypoints as they usually are. When this happens, if the next waypoint after the turn is too close with the one before, the plane will most likely never fly close enough to it in order to active the next leg, so the plane will turn back until the next leg is activated.

It is definitely an extremely aggravating issue at times, and in my opinion is the most “annoying” issue that is currently in the sim. I always scan through my entire flight plan and remove any points that may potentially cause a problem.

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