When your home airport is featured...On a saturday!

I’ve lived in Munich all my life and whilst I hate the football club, I love the city. I was fortunate enough to travel a lot when I was young so in terms of aviation, EDDM is my home. Below are screenshots from two flights I did today and whilst they may not be the most aesthetically incredible screenshots, they have some sort of sentimentality to me.

Server: Expert
Route: EDDM to EDDF
Aircraft: Euro wings a319

Route: EDDF to HECA
Aircraft: Lufthansa a330

Kind of looks like one of the loading screens don’t you think?


Nice pics. Really like them. Good decision to hate the football club 😂!

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I certainly do love Eurowings. A lovely livery and route to fly on. Love the views of the Alps too!

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I went on a school trip to Italy and we flew JFK-MUC-NAP to get there. I’ve gotta say even at 7:30am there are lots of planes but the traffic still flowed well. It’s a beautiful airport too 🥰

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I want to go to Italy on a school trip 😂


Ahahah thanks

What a trip!!! Glad you enjoyed it!

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nice pictures I loved it

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