When your flight quits

So, I was doing my first long haul (I have done many on casual) on the Training Server, (I’m grade 3 but to scared to try the expert server) It was from KJFK to EGLL and I had been flying for about 4 hours, about an hour left, and I wanted to take a picture of something in real life. I can usually switch apps for a few minutes and go back to my flight, but this time, IF restarted. I was extremely disappointed. All in all, it was pretty funny, but I want to to hear some other stories similar to this. :)

Switching apps is a huge no no. It causes you to loose connection to the game, which means you loose connection to ATC and other aircraft.


So you are saying JFK-LHR is 5 hours

Usually if I am more than 2 hours into the flight and I exit it restarts so I would avoid exit the flight if you are flying :)

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Once I got to cruising it said I had 5 hours and 2 minutes to Heathrow.

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I once accidentally turned off my phone for over half an hour and it was fine, I just regained connection where I turned off.

That’s kind of different from exiting the app.

Your device probably had enough RAM to keep it running while your device was sleeping. But I still don’t recommend to leave the app, or turn off your phone while flying, as it causes connectivity issues.


I understand what you mean.

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