When your airline shows how much they love you


So I got to the airport early so British Airways popped me on the earlier flight :)

Then on board I was given a second drink in one go as if I wasn’t already loyal ;p “Just because we might be in a holding pattern over London”

😍 Love you BA

P.S. The flight attendant wasn’t bad to look at either.

Share your stories below :)


You were served as a king👑👌 I have to say that whenever I travel with Copa, I always expect a good treatment from the flight attendants. They are always friendly, they are helpful and they give you what you want, they also speak 3 languages (🇵🇹🇪🇸🇬🇧)


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Hahaha that P.S. part made me laugh so hard…


Bit cheeky…

Just saying there are a few women on this forum, and they may find that a tad offensive.

Could have been a man as well, me don’t judge ;)


Cough cough it was a guy lol


The flight attendants on JetBlue and Turkish are amazing. On Turkish, they give out free Turkish Delights!


All the times i get in a Iberia flight i get to enter the cockpit and talk to the pilots:)

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Bumped to an earlier flight on Cape Air since I arrived an hour early


honestly stories like that make me love flying with BA now.

And the moral of that story is bring your helicopter helmet with you when you fly BA XD


You’re right. JetBlue flight attendants are pretty amazing! They come through the cabin frequently with snacks all the time. :) I wonder how JetBlue Mint is…


That’s a great story! What a nice pilot. :)

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Air France A380 Flight attendants were nice 😊 I got double and the flight attendant said I could go see the cockpit


About a week ago I was boarding an Avianca A320 (SFO-SAL). When I got on the plane, I asked a flight attendant if it’s possible to visit the cockpit, before I finished my sentence, he simply says “No.”

Being the persistent person I am, I asked the senior flight attendant, she said I can, but after the flight. I decide to wait until the flight is over.

I walk towards the exit (I forgot) and the flight attendant who said “No” stops me and says “The captain would like to speak to you.”

I walk towards the cockpit and the captain politely greets me, we had a small conversation, and he let me wear his hat. It was pretty awesome! I took pictures of the cockpit, and I left. That was about it.


You’re so lucky @ItsPerses👏👍🏽

Lol I wonder why this is flagged 😂

Well, I haven’t had any special things happen to myself, but my mom has some serious luck. Once she I was five she got bumped to first class for winning a prize or something, and she always gets earlier flights. And I’m just sitting here like, “Hopefully I get to be on a plane this year” 😂

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Lucky, but not as lucky as other people!

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