When you think you are on expert

It is a old story everyone who visit a lot of airporta already knows.
Thursday, 21:10:
Dutchbird 465 entered the airspace of Norway on its way to Oslo
Decending and slowing down around 13000ft and 255knt, ready for Landing in Oslo soon!
21:35 bad visibility in Oslo, Dutchbird 465 is much too low and stopps decendind and keeped its hight of 2000ft, touched down on the runway very ealry and extended the flaps and after some 200 meters also reverse trust, everything looked fine and smooth, only the touch down point was too far lerf of the centerline
Nor Shuttle 637, a 737 entered the runway while Dutchbird 465 ist still slowing down on the runway. Nor Shuttle 637 lined up and started with their Take off procedure.
At the moment of the screenshot i started speeding up to clear the runway but found the 737 in the skies already.

Now i have some Questions!
1- Why da hell did he takeoff while another plane is still not cleared of all runways?
2- Is there a possibility to get those people back to Training server? Just like casual -> arcade game, Training -> good arcade players and people who need to learn the basics of aviation, expert for “not that good” professionals and experts
3-Is it so normal that a plane lands and left the runway after 500 meters? Why dont you let the plane slow down slowly like in Real life on expert server? Tipp: use the reverse trust only and after that the break!
4- a lot of people, even on expert take off with 100% engine power. Why? That 737 needed 50% of the runway or less? Is it that hard to slowly push the power up and use 70% engine power on small planes for long runways? It will be enough for sure and looks much better and smoother, also for spotter who keep watching you!

Have a nice day with infinite flight and please just think about it, safe skies!

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  1. Either having absolutely no situational awareness or just not caring about others’ experiences on the Expert Server.

  2. Unfortunately, no. But if they do any of that (taking off without clearance) in a controlled airspace, they will be send on holidays :).

  3. (4 and 5) Some pilots may have less flying experience than others. As long as they follow the rules, they can fly however they like.
    It might not be completely realistic, but if they follow our expert server etiquette, I’m happy with them taking off with 100% N1 :)


If you have the person’s name/callsign, just tell the mods about their behavior.

That is called a touch and go.

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I dont mean that they are doing touch and goes, they land, break unbelivable hard and then leaving the runway to taxi some meters before they disconnect

@Julius97 yes the might can do it, but then on training or short runways!
@PilotDog i’ll ask a mod, or is a mod here, callsign and name is shown in the screenshot

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