When you request for ILS, Please listen to the controller

This gets me on my nerve when people spam asking for ILS approach and don’t even follow it!

So for example if I give a heading the pilot completely ignores it! (not with altitude)

The only exception I would say is that you either have a planned journey (which you should have, majority don’t) or you listen to the ATC!

What do you guys think? #Rant


And what’s your plan for fixing the problem?
You can’t complain about something without a solution to the problem.

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Keep calm and don’t spam ILS :D

I think the problem that needs to be addressed is education. If people have no clue what that means how are they expected to know what to expect?


Your point is very true. I think people should know what all the commands means before they get into live, so we don’t have these problems.


Its kind of confusing because of 3 reason

  1. They have s flight plan so they maybe confused wether if they should follow a there flight plan or not
  2. Sometimes controllers say except vectors for the ILS approach on such and such runway and that maybe the last time you hear for them
  3. Going back to my first point when you give them a heading then they have forget about there flight plan and transition
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There is a tutorial…


If your in a jet you should always expect vectors to be given flight following and VFR flight are not allowed for commercial aircraft. When in doubt listen to ATC


Were you just controlling lax ground

In advanced?

How about making it mandatory for certain classes of airplane once a pilot selects the Advanced Service, picks a certain airplane from those classes, chooses a region and then hits the “Fly” key? Use “violation” as an “encouraging means” also works 🛫

Well, I think this could be a good education for all serious pilots willing to make more efforts to have fun in the Advanced, couldn’t it? 😎

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It’s worse when the pilot requests an ILS approach 100NM away from the airport…


Just give the controller an option to respond: “Unable!” 😆


But what to do when the controller asks for intentions as you are on your flight plan that far away?

@AR_AR what is the first transmission you send when contacting approach?

Isn’t it xx, with you

No that is a check in for if you think the controller has forgotten about you. Your first transmission should be a ILS request, radar vector request, or if GA a VFR, or flight following request. The with you is only used when you haven’t talked to ATC for a while and to check in. It shouldn’t be used as first contact it will be ignored. @jonah.c


Ok. I forgot about that. Thanks for refreshing me. Thanks.

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“With you” is not for if a controller forgets about you. It is for use in initial contact.

No it’s not that’s why you are getting say intention messages @AR_AR my explaination above is correct.