"When you’re ghosted, who you gonna call?"


My thought for the day, or current moment . As an I.F pilot, that’s one of the things I have learned in the time on this community just by reading and watching posts of that nature put up. People get ghosted from time to time, it happens (and for a reason), and if it happens, the way to resolve any issues and problems are to PM the controller after with questions.

A polite, calm “approach” is needed and the person who held the ATC glove at the time can explain, teach and help understand why. Most people can only speculate on why/ what the reasons for ghosting are by a few vague sentences or a screenshot posted up on the community asking why etc which will always end as “PM the controller to discuss”.

We don’t know the surrounding actions, airspace or activity at the time of the ghosting anywhere near as well as you or the controller and there will always be 2 sides to every story. Of course (and never) this post is not a criticism, more of a passing on of one of the things I have learned here, not from being ghosted myself (it’s thankfully only happened once in the very earlier days) but by reading other posts.

Good times.


Relating to this topic, it’s definitely true. Thanks for cooperating and sharing some information in regards of ghosting/communicating with the ATC.

If you have seen this topic before, there isn’t any reason on creating a new one. Let’s just stick to this one above. Thanks!


And please please send the time, day and calsign when you were ghosted. We will need that info and cannot help if we don’t have it.



edit: I agree with you. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a fight over ghosting, the pilot usually the one being aggressive.


But only one replay 😏


Sometimes, those who get ghosted and head over to IFC, are just asking for the controller’s name to pm him/her to discuss about a made decision. I often see pilots who aren’t the most active members on the IFC and don’t know how to sort things like this out.


Dammit, the first thing that came to my mind was Ghostbusters 😂…

Best thing is to try and find the controller by yourself first, before posting a topic about it. Then contact the controller and they’ll take it from there with you :). Hope this simple description helps!

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Who you gonna call,



Can we all please acknowledge how awesome the title is?

However, we do have to give credit. People that are new to the forum don’t even know PMs are an option. Overturning ghosts is sometimes how people are even introduced to the forum to begin with. Let’s cut them a little slack.


Having trouble with ghosting? Our attorneys are standing by ready to represent you. No job is too big, no fee is too big.

Call now!

We’re ready to believe you!


@Salute7, is there a toll free number that I can call?


Thats who ya gonna call!

I was hoping for something more like “Ghost discussion! And possibly bust if agreed if or keep the ghost and learn (with professional and polite PMs with the controller to learn and improve future contact)”

That won’t have the same impact as the one word or fit. But yeah, the above is what I was looking for.

I call the police.

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Please don’t


I will do!