When you mix Swiss style with Infinite Flight News

When you mix Swiss001 style with Infinite Flight News

Well, well. With the current open beta news circling around, I decided to make a video informing people about the beta testing & a livery list for 20.2. While for many of you this is the same information, please cut me some slack…

I’m not really one who creates Swiss001 style videos, but I decided to do that in this one. Plus, the video is really to inform others. But if you want some Swiss001 vibes & have free time, feel free to watch it.

In this video, I have used Infinite Flight footage that has been revealed on the twitter, IFC, & IG accounts, playing around & modifying it into a snippet of sorts. All the credits for the footage obviously go to Infinite Flight.


Great video there, I really like it. Well done, @ran!

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Thank you @Butter_Boi! I’m glad you enjoyed it :)

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