When you make a post is it possible to give someone else editing access

Is it possible to allow others to edit your posts?

No unless you are TL3. There’s something called a ‘wiki’ which as a Regular you can let others edit it, or a moderator can make your post a wiki.

Not promoting since I’m not even part of this VA (it was just the first I saw, I’ll replace it shortly(, but this is what a wiki looks like from a standard perspective.

Hello! Moderators can edit any post and Regulars can edit your title and category. Regulars can edit other regulars posts only if the original OP allows it, this is called a wiki.

You basically can’t, unless you’re a moderator or such in the community.

Yes you can. If you’re a regular you can change your post into a wiki, letting other regulars edit it too.

If I am a member am I below or past a regular?

You’re below.

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