when you land your device vibrates

Unless you have a phone, this would be a useless feature as not many tablets have vibration.

There’s basically an issue here: vibration would definitely interfere with those using accelerometer to control the aircraft, and the would moreover happen in a pretty bad moment, so I don’t think it could be a nice idea. For those of you who don’t know when you touched down, it’s the moment when the circle that indicates direction disappears.

Enjoy flying!

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I think in the boeing the command begin to vibrate when it goes low speed as a warning

then you should know when you land cause if you dont use HUD then you can see the gear touchdown

This would be a nice touch. If it had some clunking sounds on landing that would make it much better

This would be a good feature to add, voted

I can’t see because I use the bar…

Anyway, this feature would be nice

This would be a cool feature! It might feel weird at first though

Overall,this would be a great feature, It would be easy to add to (hopefully)

You use the bar? Explain to me what the bar plz I don’t understand that

The status bar if you prefer

i dont mind if they dont add it, but it would be a nice feature to have

So if you get a notification they can’t vibrate. Sounds cheap to me. My 50 dollar tablet vibrates

or even if your not playing, but its playing in the background, and ATC sends an instruction, your phone would get a push notification. =)

Well what camera do you use

Come on dude…

I use cockpit cam

maybe just shake your hands ?

Maybe write interesting comments

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