when you land your device vibrates

perhaps when you land your device vibrates, i dont know if it is already here, if so please enlighten me.

My iPad can’t vibrate so I don’t think this is a very good feature request :(

In fact I don’t know anyone who has an iPad that vibrates. If it does, it’s more than likely broken.


I don’t think this is too much needed, also not many devices are supporting this…


It’s currently not there and I wouldn’t really mind having it as long as it is an optional setting. Let’s just say that if this is added, it would most likely be used by only a small portion of the majority. In all honesty, there isn’t too much demand for something like this.


That’s not that a stupid idea, in cockpit view I never know if I touched down.

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Im not trying to put you down, but landing (for me) is already stressful enough, a vibrating device would just make it worse, perhaps you could edit this so it would vibrate during an emergency, such as low fuel or stalling


You guys do realize that the majority of IF users use an iPad, and iPads don’t have a vibrating feature… right?


I use an android tablet, I doesn’t vibrate, but perhaps a notification noise could be made

i meant it as in when you touch down the device vibrates

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That’s complicated but a cool idea

Not many devices can vibrate though

You know that thing called the localiser?? It dissapeard when you land. Magic!


And where’s the problem?

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I don’t use Hud during landing sir 😎

You don’t see the problem there? The developers would be spending time creating a feature that wouldn’t even be useable for a majority of the users.

It would be usable if it was a notification/ringtone and not a vibration

I didn’t expect to like this idea this much, but I somehow do.
I can very well imagine a very short vibration when the wheels hit the ground to actually be a fun feature.


I don’t think my iPad vibrates, but my phone does ;)

ok so I land it vibrates…

I crash… BA BOOM?

I like the idea, it could vibrate more or less according to how hard you impact as well.