When you disengage autopilot

Hi IFC, at what altitude do you disengage the autopilot on approach. I usually do it at around 300 to 500 feet. What do you guys do?🤔

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I fly my final approach without Auto pilot, but some people are different.


I usually disconnect my AP at 2500 AGL, if I’m stabilized.
I enjoy hand flying for a bit, and sharpens my skills instead of letting the AP do all the work.


I disengage at 1500ft agl.

I normally disengage it once ATC cleared me for approach. Departure, approach and landing is manual flying. That’s the most fun part of the flight.


Wow, you guys disengage so much more higher than me!

It can make your flight more fun by hand flying more!

Around the 3000ft agl or at the beginning of the ils/gps cone. If it aircraft has auto land about 1500 agl.

Similar to @Marc, I disengage right after being cleared for an approach. I like hand flying ILSs, tho I occasionally disengage at 1500 agl if I’m using APPR or smth (which rarely happens)

I typically disengage as I select landing flaps and hand fly after that. Reason being autopilot does not respond fast to selecting landing flaps and ends up too high.

Usually around 2000 feet. I fly final by hand.

when deploying flaps then you must be going to fast then if you end up high or you are extending full to late and the auto doesnt have time to correct in time.

After takeoff, I hand fly usually until anywhere above 10,000 feet. I do this because it’s fun, and I’m super smooth with the controls, so I can do that.

Before landing, I kind of gradually disengage it. I hand fly my heading until just before I turn base, where I turn it off completely.

About 5NM out or not at all until on the ground on an ILS.

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It depends on any flight. I engage it when I feel uncomfortable with all the things to do without a co-pilot and then disengage it when I feel comfortable, sometimes 10,000ft with a straight in approach or 200 ft if unstable and foggy for example.

I like to disengage my autopilot once I am lined up with the runway and the aircraft is starting to establish localizer. Typically around 7 miles away from the runway is when I disengage.

Most time I’m busy flying so I disconnect around 200ft sometime 1000fts. But for takeoff I go for a long time

When flying ILS I disengage on base.

When flying RNAV disengage at minimums

I disengage mine shortly after I’m on the ILS, usually around 3500 AGL

I disable altitude and heading at 5 miles out and then speed at about 1 mile, I like hand-flying but too far out just gets boring