When you discover your landings are horrible

Hey! So I did a flight today from EGLL to KMIA with a British Airways 747. And as I landed it was really rough, hard to watch. So I was wondering if you could give me some landing tips for the B747?

This may be helpful:

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The 747 doesn’t have the best physics in the game, as it is an old aircraft, but as long as you stay calm and steady, can land just as good as any other aircraft.

The main key is a good approach. Don’t be too high and don’t be too low, and if you feel you’re either of those, you can always go around. And don’t worry if you landing isn’t smooth! I’d call a good landing one where you can walk away from the plane, whether it’s on fire or not. The key is practicing, and getting used to it.


Thank you for the tips!

IFC Members saying they have hard landings:

Me and my -4000 Landings:


Haha, never seen that one! 😆

A smooth landing isn’t always a safe landing 👍👍


I find that the Boing requires a bit of a higher approach speed. It’s definitely one of the tougher ones to land.

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The 747 is very tall, and will usually touch down before you think it will. Listen and use the GPWS callouts to your advantage. Make sure you have a comfortable pitch that will allow you to pull up easily.


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