When would you put full flaps down

Hey i just want to know when would be the best time to the flaps on full during landing approach???

Ps i usally only fly from sydney australia to Canberra Australia in b747-400

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I’d say put them half down when on downwind and fully down on base so the aircraft doesn’t launch its nose up.

Ok thank you

It depends on the aircraft and whether you are flying a pattern or entering straight in, but in principle on a 747 you woud set 1° flaps at the start of the base leg with a speed of 190-200 knots, then turn at around 180-190 knots with 5° flaps to intercept the localizer, then 15° flaps to intercept the glideslope at around 160 knots, at which stage you should set full flaps.

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Here is a guide showing a typical approach with flaps shown

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But i said above it is b747-400 not b737

Priciple is the same.

Here you go, I have found you one for a 747-400.


…which is more or less what I specified above… ;)

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Thanks guys i will try to test them in action i will tell you how it goes

I did do it and it worked just not the way I expected landed nose wheel glitched into the runway 747 now in nose down appearance

5 miles from the runway threshold.

You were going too fast.
What’s your weight setting?

Usually 40%

In kilograms please…

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When you are within about 8-15 nm of the airport.