When will this happen?

I’ve stopped playing the game lately because I’ve realized that there is alof of realism missing. I used to fly a 777-200 from KLAX to KSAN in the game when I finally came to my senses to witch those aircrafts will never be used for that short of a flight. My question is, when will infinite flight alow regional or international flights in the game. I don’t care about the planes or the regions in the next update, I don’t care how long it takes please make the next update some what similar to that. For god sakes u can’t even fly from KLAX to KSfo with out getting the engines turned off.

We don’t have any idea. Speculations suggest this year or next year, Matthieu Laban, the developer, has been playing tricks on us to make us believe it’ll happen soon. However nobody but him knows estimated when.

Also, type “Global Flight” in the searchbox, it has plenty of information stating why it’ll happen soon or not.


Whilst waiting for global flight or inter-regional flights to be available, Check out the list below of real world routes and the aircraft flown on them

These are the ones flown by aircrafts and liveries featured in IF:

KLAX - KSAN [SkyWest Airlines (United Express) CRJ200; Compass Airlines (Delta Air Lines) Embraer E-170]
KLAX - KPSP [Skywest (United Express) CRJ200]
KORD - KMKE [SkyWest (United Express) CRJ200]
KSEA - KPDX [Alaska Airlines B738/B739; Compass Airlines (Delta Air Lines) Embraer E-170]
KTPA - KMIA [American Airlines B738]
KTPA - KFLL [Southwest Airlines B737]
WMKK - WSSS [Malaysia Airlines B738]
WMKK - WMKJ [Malaysia Airlines B738]
EHAM - EBBR [KLM Cityhopper Embraer E-190]
EHAM - EDDL [KLM Cityhopper Embraer E-190]
EHEH - EHRD [Transavia B738]
KONT - KWJF [West Air (FedEx Express) C208]
PHNL - PHMK [Corporate Air (FedEx Express) C208]
PHNL - PHLU [Corporate Air (FedEx Express) C208]
PHNL - PHOG [Hawaiian Airlines B712; Hawaiian Airlines B763]
PHNL - PHTO [Hawaiian Airlines B712]
PHNL - PHKO [Hawaiian Airlines B712]
YSSY - YSCB [QantasLink B712]


Listen bro, it takes time to develop something of such a magnitude to the devices we currently use. Best thing to do is be patient, I am sorry you stopped playing because of this but like I said, it will take some time. Its a lot of work to be able to do that.

Please change the title so that it reflects what the topic is really about.
Please also use the search option before posting. You would have found so much information (speculation) about Global Flight. :)

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We don’t know when global flight/interregion flight is coming.