When will they update the 21.1 Open Beta for visible taxi lines at night?

Hello, I’m wondering when they will update the 21.1 Open Beta for visible taxi way at night. The reason why I created this topic is that when I did my first night flight in 21.1 from Las Vegas to Denver, the taxi way was completely invisible when I arrived to Denver. So for this reason, I would like any info regarding this update of 21.1.

This is a topic that has been made in open beta. Devs are aware of this but no time frame of when it will be fixed. Please continue in this topic Night time


Hi there, adding on @Chris_Hoss, please address issues with the open beta in the #open-beta category, especially in this topic:

Also such issues must unfortunately be expected when using a beta version, but I am absolutely sure the IF team is doing their best to make everything work fine as soon as possible :)

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Ok thanks, this topic can be closed.

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