When will the world of IFS be completely updated?

Almost a year has passed since the global update and there are certain parts of the world that have not been updated, one for example, is the Latin American region with the exception of Mexico. In that region there are beautiful attractions that you would like to see in HD and also you would vote more to see the pilots and VA’s flying in that region.

Thank you.

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FDS is continuously working on it. Patience is key. Some areas of HD satellite imagery are just unavailable/not good quality as of now.

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It will take time to the developer to make sure South America to be added with beautiful scenery. Patience is key.

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Infinite Flight is still awaiting for the imagery from the folks that they get this beautiful scenery from. The issue that their supplier has experienced has to do with Mother Nature in particular. A lot of South America and parts of Southeast Asia are covered by white puffy clouds, smoke, haze and any other obscurations which prevent us, the end user from enjoying the lovely attractions that you mentioned. There is no timeline as to when this will be released, but do know that once the supplier feels satisfied with their product, they will share it with Infinite Flight to implement into this wonderful simulator for all to enjoy. These regions have not been forgotten. I want to reassure you that. Once these area’s are released, it will feel like a new Infinite Flight Global 2.0. Hope this clarifies a few things. 🙂