When will the new update roll out?

It’s just been some time sense the announcement of the A350 will show in the new update,I am not going to complain if the plane is not ready because it’s because to get some done perfectly till it can’t be worked on no more thank get it done early and still needs work like the 737max family(in real life).
So I just want to know when will the update with the A350 and the 777 will launch.

Infinite flight don’t set a specific date or time for releases.


Not anytime soon i belive just be patient and keep a eye out on development timeline:

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Yeah just have to hold on.

Don’t even start waiting for it I’d say. It’s a long term thing, just appreciate the current game and don’t expect the A350 anytime soon.

I get the impression from other posts regarding updates that it’s often difficult to tell how long the iOS version will take to get Apple App Store approval, that in itself makes setting dates difficult. I’m looking forward to it too, but I guess we all just have to hold on a bit longer.

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It’s not even getting approval, it’s more about the product not being near done yet.

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