When will the monthly subscription end on Apple?

Hi everyone!
I know this question will sound quite pedantic, but if I purchase a monthly subscription at a certain time, will the subscription end at the same time of purchasing it (a month later) or will it end at 11:59 pm (a month later)?

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The subscription will end exactly at the time of the purchase a month later. So if you buy it 4th of November 15:14, it’ll end on December 4th at 15:14.


Actually, your sub won’t end unti a day after your sub ends. This is because Infinite Flight gives us a 1 day grace period. Hope this helps!

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Or am I wrong?

It’s 30 days, on the minute.

This is half-true. If you haven’t cancelled the subscription but lack funds on the payment method selected, you may have a limited grace period available which enables you to correct the payment problem. A subscription you do not intend to renew, should be cancelled and not expire due to billing errors. Doing that repeatedly may result in issues further down the road.


Thanks guys for this info! I wanted to make the most out of the monthly subscription as I have decided, why not give Pro a try? (as well as give support to the devs).

Ah I see why the grave period now. Glad I was half right😂

I’m bad at remembering to renew my sub, should I be worried?

It renews automatically?

Not necessarily. In my country (India), regulations have recently been enforced that prevent subscriptions from renewing automatically. We have to do it manually each time. Oh, the joy.

I use Google play cards, sometime my account runs out

Would it be an issue down the road too? (as in the grâce period happening often)

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