When will the airliner "craze" be fulfilled?

That, is a very good point. What I’d like to know from your point of view, if you’ve ever flown the 172 at all, is how accurate you think the flight physics are as well as the visual you get from the cockpit camera in IF. I say this because I’m looking to start logging flight hours at my local (ish) flying club. I think the more diversity we have within the GA section, the more people it will attract as said above and thus potentially bring more real life pilots into the forum - experience which benefits us all here. I personally would love to see 4-5 more GA props, however I’ll sit on the fence for this one and say that I can also appreciate a good jet. I probably use the 172 on a 40/60 basis compared to jets, which is quite a bit when I have ~300 hours on IF.

I have most my flight time in RL in the 172. The flight physics are actually really close. The takeoff speeds landing speeds and stall speeds are all very accurate to the real deal. Most Flight maneuvers can be performed in it. The forward slip isn’t really accurate however. You can also do a lot of diffrent instrument maneuvers it takes a little bit more work then in RL but can be achieved.
Quick story I was having a really hard time when I first started out making my base to final turn. I always ended up short or overshooting. After a couple hours in IF perfecting the turn. The next flight out was night and day.


Once we get Concorde and Saab 340 and rework all the old aircraft to Standard with truck tilt tire smoke and wing flex… that’s when airliners should be enough (in a way) then GA should really start getting some attention.


I think a military fleet should be introduced. From a few countries - through the years up until today

I think after the CRJ there’s a few smaller airlines like the Saab 2000 and 340 but apart from that there aren’t many more major commercial planes to be added. I think the existing planes in IF need to be brought up to the very standard that the developers have set e.g 757, A330 etc.

My airline need will be fulfilled once the A350 and Concorde are added and the A330, A340, 767 and 757 are reworked. Then, before GA, I’d love to see 3d terminals or ground vehicles.And also the ability to make your own liveries.

However, I do think GA is VERY important. I’d love to fly around the Caribbean in a King Air or soar over the Himalayas in a Cessna 421. Those are the experiences you just can’t get in an airliner like the A350 or Concorde…


You don’t have a very big wish list do you? Why does everyone want the concord anyway it’s decommissioned there isn’t a single one that flys anymore.


And the a350 everyone wants it too even know if it was added there would be about 10 liveries (if they used the currently operating liveries) & everyone would complain.

For me I would be satisfied with aircraft in IF is when more GA would be added for short flights between small airfields so you can enjoy the scenery but I would also like to see more “classics” such as the 727 & 737-200 or even before that. Also more specific cargo aircraft would be good too.


Well, obviously the craze for airliners will be fulfilled when we have every single one ;-)

I guess most of the community will be satisfied once the popular manufacturers are added and updated completely. I’m not sure if it has to be a direct competition with GA. Both is “needed” in the end.

Some may say “Why do we need another airliner?” when seeing the CRJ in lead. However, also one airliner is different from another airliner. The A320 or even the Dash 8 are used for different purposes than a CRJ. Considering that our time will become the limit of the length of flights in the future, the CRJ may server routes that are short enough for the most to actively fly (in contrast to an A380 where you will most likely go away some time after takeoff to return for the landing) but longer than what we have with the regions today. I guess the CRJ would be the last airliner that closes a gap, also when looking at the quality of the aircraft in IF atm. (Yes, I know, A330/340/380 need a rework as well)

I wouldn’t say I need more airliners. I wouldn’t say I need more GA either though. IF already offers a wide range of aircraft. Of course the number of GA aircraft is by far lower than the number of airliners. I guess I would be entirely satisfied when I can fly the A350 since I simply love the airplane, maybe the iconic Concorde in addition to that. I don’t have a problem with the devs adding GA aircraft in the meantime however.
All in all I will always be satisfied with the selectable aircraft in IF since the devs are doing a great job with every plane they are adding


The only exception I can think of is the 787. The wing-flex and the 4k rendering completely changed the number of 787’s you see today.

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They did but aren’t getting them anymore is what I’ve heard.

I personally think that we do have enough Commercial aircraft and we need more updated GA aircraft so we can enjoy the beautiful scenery of global 🙂


The problem is quality. What’t the point in creating more aircrafts when theres a such a large gap in quality between the newer and older models. In my opinion every aircraft released prior to the A320 family release needs to be redone to meet that same standard of quality. I hate those times when I want to fly a certain plane but I end up choosing a different one solely because the cockpit on one is crap and the other is super nice. I simply want the decision to be made because of the aircraft but its impossible to do that right now because the cockpits of my favorite planes are flat out eye sores. I understand these things take time but this is one of the biggest problems I have with the sim. There can’t be deviations in quality, its simply unacceptable.


They aren’t adding a new airliner, the CRJ is well overdue for a rework and would look beautiful with one I personally think that these really outdated aircraft need to be updated before anything else gets added.

There was no reason to go off topic like that.

in my opionion, it will be fulfilled when all the current aircrafts are reworked and then the MD-11/DC-10,A350,Concorde and then the CRJ

Airliners really show the thrill of flying. I personally feel that you have more dignity flying airliners. (My own opinion)


These opinions are giving me a better idea as to where the stance on the lineup stands. Its great to see different opinions. 👍🏼


Airliners do not show the full thrill of flying! They don’t have as much maneuverability or as much freedom to land at smaller airports. Also, dignity shouldn’t matter, being a pilot in any aircraft should give you a high level of dignity. If you are going to post, make sure what you are saying somewhat correct.


This is only somewhat true.

This “phenomena” happens exactly because no one requested them. C130 came without any heads up, and without community opinion IF didn’t know how much it was demanded. No one is flying the C130 now simply because it wasn’t requested. Even if it was, it only had one or two feature requests.

I can simply nullify your point with the B787 update. Because it was highly requested, and everyone (with the exception of some people) loved it, and now the B787 is still seen to be commonly used by a lot of people even after all this time.

No one flies the older planes, because their physics are absolute trash. With planes with better physics like the B787, they ditch older planes like the A330 which are desperately in need of a rework for the newer more update planes with newer features.

Go on to Live, and do a tally count. Count the ratio of jets to GA, and prove to me that more people want GA than jets.