When will the airliner "craze" be fulfilled?

I was a little hesitant about making this thread because I don’t want to start any aircraft feuds. I would just like this thread to be civil, as I just want to get an opinion from you!

A few questions to consider:

  • Why do you think more airliners are needed in Infinite Flight?

  • Do you think we have enough airliners/jet powered aircraft? If not, why?

  • At what point would you be satisfied with the aircraft line up that Infinite Flight would have to offer?

I shouldn’t have to say this, but be respectful to those that have their own views. I’m just trying to get a gauge as to what would you consider as “enough”.

If I sense any Airliner vs. GA type of arguments your post could be flagged, and this thread will be flagged for closure. Consider this your fair warning. 😉


I personally think when we get the CRJ 😉, A350 and Concorde.


I’d love to see the Concorde and the Saab 340.

Having more SEP/MEP aircrafts would be amazing, especially the Bonenza; DA40-42 and an aerobatic one.


In my opinion, it is already fulfilled. With the announcement of Global, I think the airliners will take over the skies. We need more GA for the people that do not want to fly more than 2 hours at a time. Also, GA flying is not well known in IF but if we add more GA planes, I think it would be. I personally would limit the about of airliners I fly if we added some good GA turboprops


I think it is already past their due. Let’s be honest - when a new aircraft is released, we fly it for a couple of hours and think;
"This is fun"
But after a couple of days, maybe a week if it’s a good jet, we all end up going back to that old jet we normally fly. It will be the same with the MD11/DC10 - all will play with the cargo door and trijet for a little bit ,however, the vast majority will switch back to the tried and tested. This will be even more so with the CRJ. With no disrespect to FDS - you can’t put make up on a pig. The CRJ, although a nice rendering and cockpit won’t have a hook, that original and specific feature that draws you back time after time.
The problem is, people here see a big, new plane and go;
“I want that because it has jet engines” - nothing wrong with that. However, until something changes either in the education of people surrounding the importance of smaller aircraft or the aircraft implementation system - we will be trapped in a downward spiral of the dull and dreary.
In my young opinion, we need something fresh and something different not the same old same old.

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In my opinion, GA aircraft are severely lacking in IF at the moment. Its been evident that most people want airliners, but I feel we need to make and maintain a balance between airliners and GA, be it new or updating current ones. the current balance is way off.

What I’d want to say to the developers is, rework the CRJ, but after adding the King Air 350 or the PC12.


Until the millennium falcon and USS enterprise are added. Dot.

In all seriousness, as how I see the requests coming, It will probably end when all airliners under the sky and all liveries are added

I’m actually happy with anything getting added :)


Personally I think we should have got the a350 and Concorde, they are the most imprtant planes we don’t currently have. I think most people haven’t even tried GA (I am not commenting on which is better) and therefore don’t understand why some people want it. They are presented with a list of planes to choose from; and they will pick the jet simply because they prefer it to the other, regardless of whether they really want it or not.


A high proportion of the IF proportion is kids, due to the accessibility of the simulator.

What do kids generally prefer? Big and fast planes, or little, slower, and arguably (at least in IF) harder to fly aircraft?

There’s your answer. You can see how the C-130 and to a lesser extent the Dash has gone down in popularity. Unfortunately, GA is later on the queue.


@N1DG @Mubashir Good assessments. Just careful about bring up lack of GA. Don’t want things to get any further than that. 😁 Thanks for the input guys and everyone else!


Why do you think more airliners are needed in Infinite Flight?

In my humble opinion, we don’t need more airliners. But rework of the ones we have.

Do you think we have enough airliners/jet powered aircraft? If not, why?


At what point would you be satisfied with the aircraft line up that Infinite Flight would have to offer?

I am very happy with the line up, but would like to have more GA.


We don’t need more airliners, we need the existing ones re-worked. So I’m happy with the CRJ rework.


So here’s some food for thought. We have a fair amount of actual pilots from students up to ATP’s. However the vast majority are minors, with 0 flight experience. Now as a student pilot I find this sim useful in a number of diffrent real world applications. I highly doubt the ATP is here to stay up to date in the 777 however. So my question really becomes how many more actual pilots would a large GA lineup attracted over all the airlines?


Honestly,I would love a larger GA lineup. As a PPL and in school to get my other ratings, I would benefit more from the GA than the tubeliners. I also enjoy GA alot more in the sim.


I think the thing that gets people interested in aviation are the airliners since that’s what they know; therefore, making it the popular “go to” aircraft class in the line up. I have no clue what the statistics are but I would assume those that are real world pilots fly the GA lineup more than those who do not have any flight experience. Keep in mind that there are few 0 flight experience folks out there that do indeed like the GA experience. Anyways, great input. 👍🏼


I think what we’re seeing is people wanting the old aircraft to be reworked, not people wanting new airliners.

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I just need a way to cross the Atlantic in 3 hours, really all I need. When do I think it starts?
When community polls have aircraft we actually want, like A350, Concorde and A330 work.

GA aircraft provide a different type of flying that airliners can’t. Airliners are good when you are trying to get from one place to another quickly. GA aircraft are for leisure and more for the pilot. Hand flying is something that makes you continuesly cautious of what is happening to the plane and outside surroundings. We could use a broader selection of GA aircraft, once we have enough GA aircraft to always have a new one to fly only then will I be satisfied.


But what’s the rush? That’s the question you should be asking yourself.


Very well said! 👍🏼