When will Simlink be added for IF Pilots?

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If you are unfamiliar with what SimLink is, it’s a feature to track your flight live from the paid Navigraph Charts app, and I was just wondering when they will add it, since most other flight simulators have this feature.

Any ideas please comment down below!


I’ve been wondering this for years


FLTPlanGo app will connect. Use Xplane settings for GPS source in the FlightPlanGo app and make sure your devices are all on the same wifi and Foreflight Link enabled in settings


Can you possibly DM me a tutorial on how to exactly set this up? Is it free?

Here you go.



Thank you so much bro!

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I really wished I knew of this earlier, thank you for showing this!

A shame that fltplango gave up supporting the app on windows store. I would have definitely linked this up if I had a second device.

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Does it have charts?

Nice one! Better then simlink

Yea she do

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Does this app available on App Store?


Hello everything is fine? A month ago I asked Steven CEO Navigraph about the possibility of Simlink with infinite flight.

Summing up, he answered me saying that it is not impossible to implement, but that would depend a lot on the demand of how many people from the IF want the service. Because it requires a lot of time and money to develop, because the IF is mobile. That’s why it’s always important for IF people who want the simlink to enter the Navigraph community and request it. And also answering Navigraph’s annual questionnaire at the end of the year. That way they would have an idea of ​​how many people want the service.

If you don’t have a sizable order. They certainly won’t spend their time on something that will take time and money. I invite customers who fly on the IF to go to the community and ask.

That’s it for now.
Stay safe 🤓


To anyone interested here Simionic G1000 apps for ios connect very nicely and will allow you to run a standalone PFD/MFD. $10 for each. You’ll need exrta ipads but $150 for an air on amazon refurbished.

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Really works? Make a video of it running with infinite flight please. This will be very helpful.

Doesn’t IF have ForeFlight capability?🤔

Yes! but it is extremely expensive.

Well I get mine for free since I’m in a flight academy.

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Until you share your username and password for your free stuff the rest of us will have to stick to what we can afford. Money aside Foreflight and others do have very nice products

Might have some time this weekend to show the working model. If you can’t wait until then you’ll have to take my word for it. It works. Looks like an extra $6 for 3D vision on the G1000 which I have not tried yet. You also must manually enter your flight plan in the G1000 PFD it will not pull from Infinite Flight but basic functions work very nicely

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