When Will My Tail Hit


Just one thing that i think should be added, i search and i can not find anything,

Always on takeoff, I rotate with the outer view, to watch the tail and make sure it does not hit, so i think on the HUD, there is a mark on were it shows if you rotate past the degree and still on the ground, your tail will strike the runway

What do you think?

I mean, I’m pretty sure this is not a feature on real life aircraft. Part of being a pilot is knowing/learning where that point is for each aircraft.

I guess I will see what others think, just my thoughts…


Very true, there isn’t anything like that on real planes, that is what V1, VR, and V2 are for. Also, part of being a pilot is to have the right judgment on what you should be doing while operating the aircraft.


Hey there! I believe that your request is similar to the one I have linked below. Feel free to share your idea(s) there. Thanks!

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yea. Its up to skill. If this is to become a feature it should only be available in causal server.

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@Airnico_9962_on_YT I agree with you

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I reckon it should just be controlling your takeoff pitch, if you reach VR you shouldn’t be needing to rotate too much. The main reason you’re getting a tail strike is probably because you’re going too slow. So I recommend that instead of continuing to pitch, maybe dial your throttle up and increase speed.


@FLIGHT2, I think you are referring to the tail strike protection. If so, @bbrockairbus the 77W does have one and gives a warning on the EICAS when the tail strike happens.

I honestly do not really think it is necessary. While V1, VR, and V2 speeds can be calculated wrongly (you will need raw data and several equations to make this calculation), experimenting and learning is the way to go. This is because different configurations of flaps, thrust settings, etc. do make a difference.

That is some food for thought, hope it helps the discussion

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Adding on @Captain_Finck this isn’t really needed in my opinion as you can already look at the pitch, which is the crucial factor regarding a possible tailstrike.