When will my #Real World Aviation topic be accepted

I have made a #real-world-aviation topic a few hours ago and wanted to ask why it wasn’t approved/denied yet. I know it takes time, but I never had a topic that was pending for so long. Also, it is a news feed about a topic, so it’s changing fast, and therefore I think it would be cool if I could expand the thread.
Sorry if I am inpatient, but the topic is really important.


Don’t worry. It should be accepted soon. The Mods are probably busy. Please be patient


Okay. It is just a really important topic, that needs to be noticed imo


What’s it about because certain topics arnt allowed

E.g the likes of the current SJ182 will not be accepted

Your topic was rejected because it does not align with the rules of the category.

The rules state.

No crash topics are permitted with the exception of when a report is published about a major incident

While it is sad what happened, none of us here is in a position to be speculating out of respect for the families. A topic can be done once official reports have been provided.


Oh but why didnt I get any notice? I mean I have been waiting for this for hours :(

Discourse does not give an approval/rejection notification. Unfortunately it is how they designed it and is beyond our control.

Aight… I guess you can close this now.