When Will Liveflight Update?

Hi Community,

I just wanted to ask if anyone knows when liveflight will update so I dont have to keep tracking the XFV-1 Pogo.

Thanks for reading and sorry if this is a duplicate. I did search around.

If you see any of these pictures of these weird-looking planes, it means the aircraft they are using in-game is not released in for us yet

I was tracking myself and was flying the Qantas 737-800

It’s because there isn’t a picture of the 737 Qantas livery yet

Ok. I did know that previously. Its just starting to bug me.

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The Qantas 737-800 is quite new in the game, So it haven’t been added to the liveflight database yet

Oh. Ok. Thanks for clearing that up.

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He knows that. He is asking when it will be fixed?


Simply delete that message, @Feurum. In @Adam’s case, It’s all up to when Cameron decides that he has the time to take good screenshots of the new aircraft and update the database.


Oh yep. Forgot that I can delete it 🤣


Simply just say…

@Cameron, when will LiveFlight be updated?”

There’s literally no reason to be going way off topic about how your aircraft isn’t showing or anything else.


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