When Will KAVL Have Gates?

So I really try to make my flights realistic, and I want to go to a beautiful city up in the North Carolina mountains named Asheville, but it doesn’t have actual gates? Now this isn’t a 3D airport request, but I am just wondering when they will add actual gates instead of “Terminal Ramp”, “General Aviation”, etc. In my opinion, those things ruin the game that you are paying money for. Now let me know if this bothers you also, and if you know if it’s being fixed. Thanks!

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Hi there,

All things related to airport design are handled by the Airport Editing Team. This includes 2D and 3D work. Unfortunately, editors do not take requests on airports; however, with Infinite Flight’s goal of updating every airport to make them 3D, I am certain that we will see KAVL get touched up in the future, as 2D work is required as well when editing an airport.