When will IF push next update?

It has been quiet for nearly two months. I cannot wait for next updates. Just wondering the approximate time table for next update. I would love to see some updates on 787s and new aircrafts.

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Hello there!

Infinite Flight don’t give release dates - the reasons for this were made perfectly clear with the A380 when they gave an internal release date aim and then the community went rather lively when it was delayed a week.

The next aircraft to be updated is the Cessna C208 Caravan - see the development thread linked below:

The Boeing 737 MAX is also in development to come sometime after the C208 (there is no development thread on this yet. The A320neo is also confirmed to come sometime after the 737 MAX.

If you want to see a Boeing 787 Family Rework feel free to vote on the feature request linked below:

Have a great rest of your day!


Thank you for replying. I have voted for sure. Just cannot wait for 787s family rework.

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