When will I reach Grade 3?

Hi so I’m hoping you can help me to try and know when I will go on grade 3


Hi there!

Looks like you have a bit too many violations. If you wait a couple days (7 maximum), those numbers will turn green and you’ll be set. Do try to avoid getting any more vios in the process; @Mags885 emphasized the importance of this in his post below.

Welcome to the community, and happy flying!


By having so many violations you are seriously impacting your ability to advance. Major caution for you here is the violation/landing ratio that is literally 2 violations away from blocking Grade 3 too.

If you dont know what gives you a violation then see the table below :)



Handy chart!

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Thanks for the help

Another tip, and @TaipeiGuru may have already mentioned this, work on getting that violations/landings ratio down. 0.49 is too close, so I’d set a goal to try for a 0.30. That way, you can still commit violations occasionally, and they won’t have as much of an impact on your ratio. My worst ratio was maybe a 0.99. Now, I have roughly an 0.33. Autopilot is great for helping avoid violations.

18 violations in the last week and you wonder why you’re not reaching Grade 3…you’re better off staying at Grade 2 instead of ruining the experience for serious fliers on expert server, and it seems to me the grading mechanism is doing a good job.


A bit harsh don’t you think?

@TOGA does have a point though…


Of course he does. I’m just saying he could’ve been a bit nicer about it though. Instead of “18 violations in the last week and you wonder why you’re not reaching Grade 3”, he could’ve said it’s because you have too many violations within the past week.

Is he incorrect?


Like I said, he’s not wrong, he just could’ve gone a bit easier on the words.

He just stated some facts. I could definitely see how some users could be annoyed when flying on the ES if someone does something incorrect. It is called the expert server after all. Maintaining a professional atmosphere is key.

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The key there is

• Be responsible when flying in the training and expert server.

• Being aware of the various violations that you could get in the training and expert server.

• Try to do some long haul flights to increase your landings and XP.

If you follow these 3 tips you would be grade 3 in no time!

If you don’t keep your subscription and quit for like 3 months will your grade go down? I’m currently on G3 with 892 hours flight and 1,547 online flights, but will my grade go down if i don’t fly daily

First off- Welcome to the IFC:)

You’ll need 5 landings and an hour of flight time every 90 days to stay at grade 3. You won’t be able to leave entirely for more than 3 months without losing your grade, but it won’t take that long anyways to get 5 landings and the 1 hour FT. You certainly don’t need to be active every day. :)

Also, make sure to familiarize yourself with the rules and expectations of the Expert server before you start flying on it.

Watch tutorials and learn what the ATC commands/requests are for, and when they should be used.

right. Yes They have helped me before

Advise has been given.