When will I go back to grade 3?

I was ghosted and downgraded for speeding. Here are my stats

Just to be clear what are the speed restrictions on expert?

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You will be back after your violation count goes down (7 Days from your last 3 violations)

250knts Below 10,000 ft and then Overspeed violations… (Usually somewhere near 350knts in a airliner but it varies)

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Speed restrictions on are 250kts below 10,000. You should return to expert in a week.

On the ground you have to keep below 35 knots ground speed aswell. And there are overspeed violations which can happen if you overspeed. If you are in the hud view, you can see when you are about to break it. Every aircraft has different overspeed points though.

How do you see that? I thought it only tells you when you are actually overspeeding.

You will see the red lines on the hud view at the higher speeds. I would advise staying under Mach .85 in most Jets.

Look below:

That red line you see next to 320 is the overspeed so stay under that for example. You will see it on all aircraft.

Has this been reimplemented? If im not wrong it disappeard with the global update.


Also just to be clear, you Have Not been ghosted, you only received violations. As long as your ratio is still at or 2 landing for every one violation and you do not have 5 ghosts within the past 365 days or 15 ghosts all time, you will get access to the expert server (with the exception of a 7 day restriction from violations) Violations last for 7 days. If you get multiple violations, They do not stack up, you will gain access to Expert 7 days after your most recent violation. Also check here: Expert Server Requirement Changes

Violations include:

  • Going over 35kts (Ground Speed) whilst on the ground (with the exception of takeoff)
  • Going over 250kts (airspeed) while below 10,000 feet
  • Doing aerobatic maneuvers in the vicinity of an airspace
  • Overspeeding (Pass the maximum safe aircraft speed. These speeds change at different altitudes, and weather)
  • Sitting idle on a runway for longer than 60 seconds (Unless told to line up and wait by ATC)
  • Taking an aircrraft too large for the airport

Currently there are no ways in the game to see how you received your violations, unless you were watching while it happened. If you would like to find out how you received your violation(s), feel free to PM a moderator, and they can tell you.

Ghosts include:

  • Ignoring ATC commands
  • Entering runways, taxing without clearance etc.
  • Using inappropriate, racist or rude callsigns or usernames (These will be given without a warning)
  • Entering a controlled airspace without following commands or joining frequency (these will not be an issue while you are at cruise altitude
    Ghosts can only be given on Expert server, and are given by the current IFATC!

I have not listed all reasons of being ghosts, but I think you get the idea.
You should always be given a warning before being ghosted, unless stated otherwise above.

As long as you follow the rules, you should be back on expert server in no time ;)! Make sure to keep an eye on your plane, pilot :)!

See you in the skies!

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This was accidentally removed, but will be re-implemented unless it already is. I don’t have the gut to try it though ;)

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You shouldn’t be going that fast to find out

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