When will I go back to grade 3 And expert server?


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After that report goes away in the 24hrs and 7 days column. I’m guessing you got that report recently so about 7 days.

Seeing as you have 7 Reports in the last two years maybe checking #tutorials would be a good idea to prevent more in the future:) And i am just trying to offer help not be rude or disrespectful 👍


If you check the exact time of your report in your Logbook and add Exactly 7 Days to that,then that’s the time you will rejoin us on the expert Server.

In less than a week.
However you do want to be careful since you have 4 reports in the last year already.

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Like @xsrvmy said, be careful because 1 more report will take you off the expert server for at least a year.

Wouldn’t it be two (I’m actually not sure if it’s >5 or >=5)?

it would only be one unless he gets more than 15 reports. (which he would get 2)

Greater than 5

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