When will I get in to the server

Hi guys I have a infinite flight pro subscription and I also connected to discord from infinite flight but I have still not got in to the server

It usually take a few minutes for your roles to update, wait a few minutes and if nothing has happened come back here

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It appears that you joined the server on the 31st of March at 12:31PM GMT. Were you previously able to see any other channels or has it remained unchanged all this time?

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It has remained unchanged

Have you left the server? It doesn’t show that you’re a part of it now.

Yes but I’m trying to join again it don’t want to join

I will send you a screenshot

You’re going to have to be in the server for a few minutes before your roles are updated. Leaving the server would definitely mean that you’re not going to have your roles. If you wish to get your roles, I recommend joining, and if you’re still having any issues, bumping this thread in a few hours when there’s definitely an issue with having your roles assigned.

Just leave and rejoin, same thing happened to me.

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I’m in the server @Kronzicle @LordWizrak @Chris_Hoss

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Your welcome!

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