When will I be a TL2?

Mate you don’t get trust levels from stats, you get try’s leveld from being active and helpful in the community


I am being active on the community since I come here every day.

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So am I , all you gotta do is be helpful, like, post, create and read different topics and you’ll be there in no time!

Keep posting, sharing, and liking, you’ll be there in no time!

Then keep that up i’d say, and i know it sounds very frustrating to hear the same over and over gain, people telling you to be active and be constructive and productive, and you’ll be there in no time, but in all honesty, that’s the formula that’ll get you to TL2.

Patience, is The Ultimate Key here, what will will bring you to a higher Trust Level.


Okay after taking a quick look at your profile there’s one thing you could do a little more of and when i say more, do it more but also right, and that is to like other’s posts more often. If you find a post posted by another member that you find resonable that you agree with or that you just like in general, then give them that heart :)

I am 0% sure weather this is the case or not, but i’d believe you could be lacking in the department of liking others’ posts…, maybe?



Many people in this post have pointed out a couple things that you should consider to take to notice.

First, don’t be obsessed with TL. Getting your TL Higher doesn’t mean the world to you.

Second, the requirements to get TLs are undisclosed. This is due to TL Farming. TL Farming is for example, having 3 IFC tabs open. Liking, replying, posting… The list goes on, on every page.
We want people to be unique and creative. Help around the community, post useful information, etc.

Third, You should calm down. I myself was quite excited about getting TL2. Right now I feel like not much has changed. This is because I rarely use #real-world-aviation, #features categories. I only really use #live #live:events #atc. I just feel like my abilities haven’t changed much.

Meanwhile, since you want to make an event series and post in #features, it’s good to prepare yourself.

I recommend reading the About the features category topic, and about the live events category.

Therefore, these are 3 brief points you should take into consideration.


Thank you very much. That was very helpful.


Glad i could help. Hope you reach TL2, but remember that trying your hardest to get there is not what i would recommend.

Those who reach a higher TL are those who contribute to the community. If you’re just here to chase TL2 then that’s not the way to go. Rather do your thing, help others with your knowledge, post and like, share you opinion and let time decide when you’re ready to be TL 2 :)

I didn’t become TL3 over a night, it took me time and i was to be completely honest with you 0% focused on TL’s when i acquired TL3, it just came as a result of my hard work i’ve put in for the forum.

Also look above and you’ll @SpeedPlayz, has a lot of info going on and some great amount of advice ;)


Like most people said, this is a very popular posted topic, I’ve PM’d you with a thread explaining it Here so I’ve flagged this for closure @schyllberg as there is already a thread explaining this

Exactly. Getting TLs is about contributing to the community, always adding a great example out there, and help out people having problems. It’s just how civilization works. There’s a bright side and a dark side. You can’t just be perfect. Helping out makes you improve. Improving sets you apart and lets you create more informative posts, replies, messages, the list goes on. And meanwhile, have fun!

We all are here to improve. Learn from our mistakes, have fun, be creative and unique. The community here has plenty of events, thousands of topics, thousands of people, etc. You just can’t resist doing something here. It’s just like sitting in a room. Seeing a pancake, and just can’t resist eating it. That’s basically how humans improve. From creation of life, to knowledge, to friendship, etc. Some people don’t even care about their TLs. They don’t care about them, whilst having fun, being creative + unique, and following the guidelines and being informative makes them a great candidate to the community. We have loads of people which are always willing to help out. It’s just a daily cycle.

From being new, to being active, to helping out, and then, to being a Senior and a great candidate.

This cycle is infinite. At some Portion of time, you will be the highest TL, unless you decided to be completely inactive or leave the community.

Also, I recommend being 25% serious, 25% informative, and 50% kind to everyone here, plus helping out. Like said it makes you a great person. That’s how I try to work.

Now, I hope everyone understands. ;)


I already post that link, please check it before you post.

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I can still post it, it’s not against the rules

A lot of good advice and feedback given here! My best advice as a Moderator, is just enjoy the community whilst participating. It’s a great experience. Don’t think about trying your hardest to rank up. Makes being promoted to a member and regular much more enjoyable and exciting. Thanks for everything you all do in this community!

@Philippe_Gilbert Hope this has
helped you :)