When will cairo be 3d

I dont know why no One wants to edit cairo

Cairo will be come 3D eventually (all airports in the world will be 3D eventually.) IFAET can choose any airport in the world to edit, it’s just a matter of time before it’ll be 3D c:


Everyone in IFAET is a volunteer. We dedicate some of our free time to edit. We choose ourselves which airports we’d like to edit. Someone will get to Cairo once they feel like it.


I know but i am suprised that it is still not 3d since it is One of biggest airport in africa


That’s partially why it’s not.
Larger airports takes much more time to get right in comparison to smaller airports.

That in combination with below:


Hello! I’ve noticed you have made posts, and requested this in multiple editor’s tracking threads before, and the answer is the same as always:

  1. Editors can choose whatever airport they want to edit, as it takes hours of their free time per day just to do small airport
  2. Cairo is very large, which can discourage many people, as they cannot have good accuracy
  3. The imagery in Africa is not the best, which scares many editors off, as it will be incredibly painstakingly hard to ensure accuracy

Please note that constantly asking will not improve the chances of an editor taking on Cairo. I also hope this great airport will come someday too.

Kind regards, NemAir

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